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This is where you'll find breaking news, show information, song lyrics, radio appearances, gallery pictures and more about Jon, his past and current projects and other cool developments for the 21st century and beyond.

FBI Action Comix and Band House

-And welcome to a new feature, FBI Action Comix and Band House, both cartoon strips take a wistful look at life on the backside.


FBI Action Comix

Picture Gallery

Just as the name implies, here at JONBUTCHER.com the gallery contains photos from shows, tours, backstage and more. Click Here or on the picture to the right to see the Picture Gallery.


Easily find any Jon Butcher related video that is hosted by YouTube! Click Here.



Pairing two dynamic music careers into a single path is a short hand way to describe Farren Butcher Inc, aka FBI. Here's where you'll find all things Jon Butcher, Charlie Farren and FBI! Click Here.



Here you can find a variety of songs from Jon's vast catalogue of music. Now you should be able to find that lyric you've been hunting down all these years! If not let us know and we'll try and find it!


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